Riverside Meals on Wheels, Inc.

Together, We Can Deliver!™

Protect and Serve Riverside's Seniors

Good things continue to come for Riverside's Seniors! The City of Riverside Fire Department and the Riverside Police Department are partnering with Riverside Meals on Wheels Inc. for their Protect and Serve Riverside's Seniors initiative in June.

Our local fire and police departments are teaming up to protect, serve, and deliver meals to housebound seniors! For three days, June 14-16, the City of Riverside will come together to stand up for seniors.

We all want you YOU to be a part of these special deliveries! Volunteers will be needed to pick up meals from participating restaurants (TBD) and deliver those meals to 1 of 14 local fire stations. Then, volunteers can stay for the fun and join the deliveries to 3 Riverside Meals on Wheels seniors!

Volunteer your time to deliver these special meals, and/or donate to Riverside Meals on Wheels!

Thank you to the Riverside Police and Fire Departments, the Mayor's office, and the City of Riverside for teaming up to take a stand for seniors!

Together, we can deliver!

For more information: info@riversidemow.org